About the Sundanese language

Sundanese is spoken by 42 million people in the western third of the island of Java (Indonesia).

The Sundanese language is the third largest language in Indonesia and is used in schools, but it is not an official language.

Sundanese can be done either in the Latin script or in the "Abugida" script "Aksara Sunda"

Sundanese virtual keyboard

On this Sundanese keyboard you can type Aksara Sunda characters. The Sundanese keyboard contains all Sundanese letters of a real Aksara Sunda keyboard.

Usefull keyboard tools

Tool Description
Text2Speech You can listen to your Sundanese text
Microphone Voice input Your voice is converted into Sundanese text while you speak (Possible with the browsers: Chrome, Edge and Safari)
  Sundanese translation You can use the Sundanese translator to translate a Sundanese text (in latin script) into a variety of other languages, such as German, English, Spanish etc.