Japanese keyboard

On this virtual Japanese keyboard you can write texts with Japanese Syllables

Sounds (syllables)

With this online keyboard you can create the phonetic syllables kana - HIRAGANA and KATAKANA with a single mouse click. With the purple key on the online keyboard you can switch between these two Japanese writing systems.

Kanji characters

The KANJI characters are clicked together using the individual Kanji components. To do this, press the Kanji button.


You can also create Hiragana syllables and Katakana syllables by typing normal Latin letters ("Romaji") into the text field. The typed syllables will be automatically converted to Hiragana and Katakana - depending on which input method you have preset. On the right you can see examples of how your Romaji characters are converted to Hiragana and Katakana.

Tip: Press the shift key on your own keyboard while writing to quickly and conveniently switch between the Hiragana and Katakana input methods.

Converting example

Typing Romaji...HiraganaKatakana
nn (no converting)n (no converting)
a=ぁ [small あ]ァ [small ア]

Japanese scripts

In Japanese, one of these three scripts is used depending on the sentence element:
Scriptsentence element
KANJIStems of nouns, verbs and adjectives e.g. (eng. a car)
HIRAGANAAuxiliary verbs, suffixes, endings, particles, children's books, private correspondence (chat, for example), and as a pronunciation aid for difficult kanjis.
KATAKANATranscription of foreign words
E.g. keyboard キーボード (kībōdo),
Input in katakana input mode with Latin letters:
"ki" + "-" + "bo" + "-" + "do"

Usefull keyboard tools

Text2Speech You can listen to your Japanese text
Grammar checker You can run grammar check on your Japanese text.
Microphone Voice input Your voice is converted into Japanese text while you speak (Possible with the browsers: Chrome, Edge and Safari)
  Japanese translation You can use the Japanese translator to translate the text into a variety of other languages, such as German, Spanish etc.