Turkish virtual keyboard

On this Turkish keyboard you can type Turkish characters. The Turkish keyboard contains all Turkish letters of a real keyboard.

In addition to the simple letters in an alphabet, Turkish also contains letters with umlauts, diacritics, the lowercase i without a dot (ı), and the uppercase I with a dot (İ):


Usefull keyboard tools

Tool Description
Grammar checker You can run grammar check on your Turkish text.
Text2Speech You can listen to your Turkish text
Microphone Voice input Your voice is converted into Turkish text while you speak (Possible with the browsers: Chrome, Edge and Safari)
  Turkish translation You can use the Turkish translator to translate the text into a variety of other languages, such as German, English etc.

Turkish audio samples

dog köpek play
work play
to make yapmak play
beautiful güzel play
keyboard klavye play
cat kedi play
war and peace savaş ve barış play
to buy almak play
large büyük play
to translate çevirmek play

Coding of special Turkish letters in unicode

small letter Unicode capital letter Unicode
â 00E2 Â 00C2
ç 00E7 Ç 00C7
ğ 011F Ğ 011E
ı 0131 I 0049
i 0069 İ 0130
ö 00F6 Ö 00D6
ş 015F Ş 015E
ü 00FC Ü 00DC
î 00EE Î 00CE
û 00FB Û 00DB