Czech keyboard

On this virtual Czech keyboard you can write texts with Czech letters
  • Select a Czech character with a mouse click
  • Press the Shift key or the additional keys to get digits and special Czech characters.

Czech virtual keyboard

On this Czech keyboard you can type Czech characters. The Czech keyboard contains all Czech letters of a real keyboard.

Czech vocals can have an accent:


Other czech vocal letters with diacritics are:


Czech consonants with diacritics are:


Coding of special Czech letters in unicode

small letter Unicode capital letter Unicode
č 010D Č 010C
ď 010F Ď 010E
ň 0148 Ň 0147
ř 0159 Ř 0158
š 0161 Š 0160
ť 0165 Ť 0164
ž 017E Ž 017D
á 00E1 Á 00C1
é 00E9 É 00C9
í 00ED Í 00CD
ó 00F3 Ó 00D3
ú 00FA Ú 00DA
ý 00FD Ý 00DD
ů 016F Ů 016E
ě 011B Ě 011A

Czech in Unicode

Unicode was created to be able to represent any character of any language imaginable. In this way, using Unicode, any Czech character can be created on any keyboard.

The Czech letter Ř e.g. corresponds to the value 0158 in Unicode. In the left table you will find the Unicode values for all characters of the Czech alphabet.

How to create a Czech letter with Unicode

For example to create Ř follow these steps:

  • Press at the same time Ctrl + Shift + u (=> an underlined u appears), then
  • enter the Unicode value from the table (e.g. 0158), then
  • press the enter key (=> Ř appears)

It's not necessary to enter the leading zeros. The letters in Unicode can be entered in upper cased or lower cased letters. I.e. with the Unicode 0158, it is enough to enter only 158 after the u.