About the Russian language

Russian is an official language in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Moldova, Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Arzakh and Crimea.

The Russian language is spoken by about 300 million people, half of whom speak it as their mother tongue.

Russian virtual keyboard

On this Russian keyboard you can type Russian cyrillic characters. The cyrillic keyboard contains all Russian letters of a real klaviatura.

The Russian alphabet (azbuka) consists of 33 cyrillic characters. With the key "Shift" you can switch to upper case Russian letters.

Usefull keyboard tools

Tool Description
Text2Speech You can listen to your Russian text
Grammar checker You can run a grammar check on your Russian text.
Microphone Voice input Your voice is converted into Russian text while you speak (Possible with the browsers: Chrome, Edge and Safari)
  Russian translation You can use the Russian translator to translate the text into a variety of other languages, such as German, English, Spanish etc.

Russian audio samples

dog, AT-sign (@) собака play
work работа play
to make делать play
beautiful красивый play
keyboard клавиатура play
cat кошка play
War and Peace война и мир play
to buy купить play
large большой play
to translate перевести play

Language tools for Russian

Russian text translator

If you want to understand the meaning of a Russian text or translate something into Russian language, you can translate the text with an automatic Russian text translator.

Translator English-Russian

Translator Russian-English

Professional Russian translation

However, if you need a translation of the highest degree, e.g. also an official translation, then you should use a professional Russian translation.

Translation English-Russian

Translation Russian-English

English-Russian Idioms

Under this link you will find 80 Russian proverbs and sayings with their German translation. You can also listen to the Russian translation.

Idioms English-Russian

Coding of Russian cyrillic letters in unicode

small letter Unicode capital letter Unicode
а 0430 А 0410
б 0431 Б 0411
в 0432 В 0412
г 0433 Г 0413
д 0434 Д 0414
е 0435 Е 0415
ë 0451 Ё 0401
ж 0436 Ж 0416
з 0437 З 0417
и 0438 И 0418
й 0439 Й 0419
к 043A К 041A
л 043B Л 041B
м 043C М 041C
н 043D Н 041D
о 043E О 041E
п 043F П 041F
р 0440 Р 0420
с 0441 С 0421
т 0442 Т 0422
у 0443 У 0423
ф 0444 Ф 0424
х 0445 Х 0425
ц 0446 Ц 0426
ч 0447 Ч 0427
ш 0448 Ш 0428
щ 0449 Щ 0429
ъ 044A Ъ 042A
ы 044B Ы 042B
ь 044C Ь 042C
э 044D Э 042D
ю 044E Ю 042E
я 044F Я 042F

Russian in Unicode

Unicode was created to be able to represent any character of any language imaginable. In this way, using Unicode, any Russian character can be created on any keyboard.

The Russian letter д e.g. corresponds to the value 0434 in Unicode. In the left table you will find the Unicode values for all cyrillic characters of the Russian alphabet (Azbuka).

How to create a Russian letter with Unicode

For example to create д (the large letter D) follow these steps:

  • Press at the same time Ctrl + Shift + u (=> an underlined u appears), then
  • enter the Unicode value from the table (e.g. 0434), then
  • press the enter key (=> д appears)

It's not necessary to enter the leading zeros. The letters in Unicode can be entered in upper cased or lower cased letters.